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                      The Classroom at Ribleys                                              

                                                                The Classroom

At Ribleys Training, we can help you get your endurance or trail horse trained and ready for the ride season. We offer horse training and conditioning for either your horse or you and your horse.   Leave your horse with us for boarding and conditioning or stay with us for mini-clinics on trail and endurance riding.  Please contact us to discuss your training needs. 

              Haggin Cup winner                    Robert and Eli

       LD Monique                                                                CV Eli

2009 Haggin Cup Winner                                         2004 Haggin Cup Winner

Trained by Ribleys Training                                     Trained by Ribleys Training


                        Partners Award

                                                 Robert and Tari

                                                     2010 AERC Pard'ners Award



Daniela Tevis finish


"When I looked for a trainer for my young mare, I immediately thought of Robert and Melissa Ribley given their excellent reputation as horse trainers.

I am really pleased: Robert and Melissa bring their combined expertise, experience and just plain horse sense to bear.  They don't take short cuts, always put the horse first and are easy to work with.  I also really enjoyed getting to know them better, riding with and learning from them.

The results speak for themselves:  We just completed Anisa's first Tevis and she looked like a million bucks at the finish.  I look forward to continuing to work with them"







                      Khan/Tevis     Khan/David

"For this 62 year old rider and my 19 year old horse DWA Sabku, I knew I needed help with training myself and horse.  Working with the Ribley's, that is exactly what the both of us got. After six months, under their management, we were both ready for The Tevis Cup, never felt Sabku stronger and I believed I was ready for the task. We finished, both with a quarter of a tank left in us. Next season, the Ribley's will also be managing my younger horse Shaatgun for his first full 50 mile season. Thanks for all your care and expertise."

David Shefrin and Sabku,    Tevis Cup 2012 finishers


Bruce at TevisBruce at Tevis

I never would have finished Tevis without the help of Robert and Melissa Ribley.  I was new to endurance riding and brought them my young horse in January 2010.  After just 6 weeks I noticed a real improvement in his abilities.  Because of a knee injury I sustained, I had them keep my horse until Tevis while I recovered from surgery.  I couldn't believe it was the same horse.  His behavior was improved and his stamina was phenomenal.  The Ribleys provided crew and logistic support, which allowed me to concentrate on the race itself.  They provided me with invaluable strategies about conquering the Tevis trail.  Besides getting my Tevis buckle, I expanded my knowledge of endurance riding and riding skills, which I will keep forever.  Nine weeks after Tevis, my new super-horse conquered Virginia City 100 and seemed to have plenty of energy to spare.  I can't recommend the Ribleys enough.

Bruce Goetting, MD

Last Updated: 8/16/2015