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The 19th annual Wild West Ride should be a great event this year.  Come join us in the beautiful Tahoe National Forest where scenic trails await you.  Our base camp is a pretty, wooded campground - a wonderful place to camp with your horse under the stars and visit with friends around the campfire.  We look forward to seeing you there.


Ride flyer

Ride entry




Number taker on the Wild West Trail....






          Wild West Photo 2  Wild West Trail Wild West Piture  

Fist place Friday 50               BC Friday 50

                     Ann Hall/Sarah       Friday 55 first place                                                       Matt Gary/Rushcreek Brave  Friday 55 Best Condition

                                                                      Friday 30 BC

                                                                                     Kimberly Love/Diamond   Friday 30 Best Condition

Ride Results 30 Mile Ride, June 17 (Friday)

Ride Results 55 Mile Ride, June 17 (Friday)


First place Saturday 50                    Saturday 50 BC

           Richard George/Rasool     Saturday 50 first place                                                       Diane Stevens/Banderaz LC     Saturday 50 Best Condition

                                                                               Saturday 35 BC

                                                                                                                     Julie Neely/Mister Meanor   Saturday 35 Best Condition                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Ride Results 35 Mile Ride, June 18 (Saturday)

Ride Results 50 Mile Ride, June 18(Saturday)


     Sunday 50 first place               Sunday 50 Best Condition

                     Dennis Tracy/Willy  Sunday 50 first place                                                                Ines Hoffman/Kalika   Sunday 50 Best Condition

                                                                                         Sunday 25 Best Condition

                                                                                                     Fred Emigh/WMA Firelight   Sunday 25 Best Condition


Ride Results 25 Mile Ride, June 19 (Sunday)

Ride Results 50 Mile Ride, June 19 (Sunday)


     Overall fastest time               Overall BC

             Jane Smith/Anna   Overall Fastest Time three days                                                       Donna Biteman/Kat   Overal Best Contition three days

                                                 Overall BC

                                                                                                               Overall Best Condition 155  Miles   Donna Biteman/Kat



                                                                               Three Day Endurance Riders 155 miles, same horse

Jane Smith/Anna                         20:44

Donna Brow Biteman/Kat             21:56

Joanna Proctor/Beetle                  24:54

Lori Stewart/Raven


Three Day Limited Distance Riders, same horse

Julie Neely/ Mister Meanor                     13:34

Janet Grevstad/Koko                             13:37

Kimberly Love/Diamond                        13:38

Lauren de Vore/Khobalt Blue                 14:48

Paul Latiolais/Francisco Adan CuGR        16:32

Karen Gardella/Ambrozja Star               17:11

Three Day Riders two different horses

Karen Chaton/Chief & Bo

Amber Clark/Blaze & Bella


Three Day Horses, two different riders

Molly Farkas, Zoe Whitall / Spotted Wap (Skipper)



Bear Valley                   coyote

                                                                    Wild West Lunch                                                                                                                     Wild West spotter



                                                                               End of the day at Skillman


                                     Photos courtesy of Gore/Baylor Photography
























































Last Updated: 9/21/2017